Child Foundation Center

Welcome to Child Foundation Center Child Psychologist Bahrain in Manama

Child Foundation Center

Welcome to Child Foundation Center Child Psychologist Bahrain in Manama

Dedicated to a Higher Quality of Patient Care

Dedicated to a Higher Quality of Patient Care

Winner 2018


Member of the following Psychology Assosications



Our Founder Mariam Alammadi  was recently awarded Top 50 Health Care Leaders Award 2018, UAE. This was awarded after a stringent assessment and extensive research by awards committee who rated each applicant on their impact and contribution to healthcare. The only psychologist that was recognised in this prestigious award. 

"Child Foundation Center and myself are humbled to be selected as winners of the SMART HEALTH AWARDS 2018. Since the beginning of my career I have been passionate about breaking the stigma regarding mental health. I believe the CFC can make a significant impact on healthcare and psychology in Bahrain and I will ensure that patients feel they are getting the best level of care" - Mariam Alammadi 

About Us

Our Health Mission

Our experienced medical professionals put your healing needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, psychological experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. Our goal is to make your child feel better as quickly as possible. 

Experience and Professionalism

Ten years experience working in the field of mental health. Committee member of the Middle Eastern Psychological Association. 

Professional Qualifications:

MSc in Applied Child Psychology (London, UK),

BSc in Psychology (Scotland, UK),

US State Department Domestic Violence Treatment and Prevention Program (USA),

Diploma in Clinical Hynotherapy with Psychotherapy & Counselling Skills (Essex, UK),

Level 6 Major Award in Childcare Supervision (Ireland),

Youth Leadership Practical Training (Ireland),

Diploma in ABA Therapy (Bahrain),

Certified Parts Therapy Practioner (Alliance Self-Empowernment Inc),

Over the last ten years has worked as child psychologist in a hospital within private and public sector, a counsellor, assistant child co-ordinator for an NGO, organized and gave youth leadership programs/workshops and been involved in research.

Physicians Who Care

The primary aim of the Child Foundation Center is to offer parents peace of mind. A child will first attend for a consultation and then the best methodology for treatment will be discussed with parents/guardians. We believe in the holistic care of every child so we will also liaise with other services in the community.

If your child is attending nursery/school we will contact them and may conduct observations in their academic environment to see what would be beneficial for their progress or investigate any factors that may be hindering your child from reaching their full potential. 

Psychometric Testing will be undertaken if neccessary and this is to provide results about your Child's progress and what can be done to help them with their milestones.   

We will be with you every step of the way to help advise and offer any guidance needed

"Our children are only as brilliant as we allow them to be".


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