Center & Patient policies


Provide patient-centered care to our patients that are inclusive, respectful, caring and focused on quality and safety.


To provide excellent mental health services to the Kingdom of Bahrain.


- To provide the exceptional level of care with major focus on positive outcome and pt. satisfaction

- To provide supportive environment to talk openly about concerns and feelings.

- Offer psychometric testing to help diagnose illness.

- Work with local community and network in order to offer patient all resources available through the kingdom.


All patients have basic human rights to be treated with respect, courtesy and fairness.

Successful treatment occurs in an environment which is safe and which meets the psychological and physical needs of patients.

Inclusion of the patients, family and community support systems in the treatment process is critical to quality outcomes.

Communication with patients, families, other providers, and staff is based on honesty and integrity.

Successful treatment outcomes require staff competence, commitment, dedication, cooperation, teamwork, and adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Treatment includes comprehensive assessments of the psychological, emotional, and social needs of patients.


We have adopted the following patient rights and responsibilities to promote quality care and satisfaction for our patients, our physicians and our staff. Our aim is to provide quality affordable mental health services to everyone in the community of Bahrain.

As a patient you have the rights to:

- Considerate, equal and respectful care in clean and safe environment.

- Be treated in surroundings which protect your privacy and culture.

- Know the name of the person treating you and their professional capacity.

- Receive clear, understandable information about your health status and treatment involved in decisions about your mental health.

- Be involved in the development of any plan for your health in a language that you can understand with a representative if you wish.

- Be kept informed about waiting times, delays and cancellations.

You also have the responsibility to:

- Cooperate with everyone providing you with care and treatment.

- Be considerate to other patients by respecting their property and privacy.

- Understand and follow instructions concerning your treatment and ask questions if you do not understand and would like an explanation.

- Provide accurate and complete information regarding health and medical history by answering all question honestly.

- Ensure payment for your treatment and be cooperative in providing any insurance information.

- Inform our staff if you have been taking any medication.

- Inform the center if you cannot meet an appointment.

- Accept responsibility for the consequences if you refuse treatment or do not follow our instructions.

- Make a complaint concerning quality of care.