Booking Therapy Appointments Online


Appointment Information

To book with the CFC it is an easy as clicking the link below to make your booking  

Once the appointment is accepted by the center you will receive confirmation only then is the booking confirmed. We are closed all public and religious holidays. Please ensure your provide your contact number and email so you will recieve your appointment reminder. We look forward to welcoming you at the Center.


Q:"Will my child be worried by the clinic does it look clinical?"

A: The CFC has a very inviting and cosy atmosphere. It is serene and all our staff have been trained in order to ensure you and child are very comfortable

Q:"Will my medical file remain confidential?"

A: All staff members of the CFC have signed a NDA which ensures by law all your details remain completely confidential

Q:"I do not want to take any medication"

A: The CFC does not deal in any medication and no medication will be administered at any time. We do have good referral systems to Licensed Psychiatrists but that is at the complete discretion of the patient


International Standard Assessments & Care