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The " Make Peace with Food " Workshop with Nutritionist Rawan Atiyani.


Nutrition research has shown that yo-yo dieting, & the continuous pattern of losing & then gaining weight could actually be more harmful to our health than remaining underweight or overweight. With that being said, we are constantly told to diet & cut out entire food groups despite the fact that most people who go on diets without healing the root cause of their issues go back to their old habits.

We are constantly bombarded with different nutrition information, new fad diets & the media telling us what we should look like. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety & guilt surrounding food and we forget that we already have an internal system of hormones and organs giving us signs on when & how much to eat, which would ultimately lead us to our healthiest weights.

She has come across so many people who want to gain or lose weight, or those who stress about their health with regards to food. Nutrition does not need to be this scary, complicated or restrictive. 

Our bodies are linked to our brains & feeling deprived ultimately leads to the opposite of what we try to achieve.

This workshop will help you listen to your hunger & fullness cues more effectively, learn how your body responds to anxious thoughts about food, and to nutrition in general.

Towards the end of the workshop, there will be a segment on "gentle nutrition", giving a quick overview on the food groups, different types of food that benefit us & how much of each we might need.

You will hopefully leave this workshop with a better understanding of your body, nutrition & more confidence in your decisions regarding nutrition. It will also give you an understanding of the unrealistic expectations society puts on us with diets. Last but not least, it may help you be able to deal with children and their nutrition choices a bit better.

With the exercises provided, you will understand your own eating habits much better, and be able to adjust accordingly. 

This workshop is suitable for anyone who:

1.     Has struggled with diets

2.     Is self-conscious about their bodies

3.     Is conscious about their nutrition

4.     Wants to improve their relationship with food

5.     Wants to learn more about nutrition & how their body regulates food

6.     Has or does display disordered eating (whether consciously or not).

Workshop details:

Date: August 31st, 2019. 

Time: 04:00 PM (3 to 4 hours depending on questions)

Where: The Child Foundation Center

Fee: 20 Bahraini Dinars

What is included: exercise booklet, significant snacks, coffee, tea & water.

Please click the link below to register, and you will receive a confirmation email within 2 days.

About Rawan.


Rawan Atiyani, BSc, MSc, Anutr

Rawan is a licensed crisis counselor and caseworker at Women’s Crisis Care International since 2015. She has helped many abused women reach safety, feel empowered and get their lives back on track. 

She is also a registered nutritionist in the United Kingdom. She has a Bachelors’ in Biology from the University of Bahrain, and a Masters’ in Human Nutrition from the University of Surrey.

Rawan aims to fill the gap in the MENA regions nutrition field by teaching people how to eat intuitively following their bodily cues. She believes nutrition should be easy, and personalized for each individual according to their own needs in order to reach optimal physical and psychological health regarding ones’ relationship with food & their body image.

The catalyst behind this decision was the fact that she had dealt with weight & health issues herself, and after several experiences with health professionals, she always left feeling judged & unheard. She would love to help people from experience with the correct scientific knowledge, while also understanding the emotional struggle behind such issues.

Her thesis revolved around studying the effects of carbohydrates on continuous blood glucose levels and circadian rhythms, which gained interest from the British BBC series, “Trust me, I’m a doctor”, with the episode being aired in 2017.

"Beat The Bullies" Workshop


Our goal

Create a safe atmosphere in which children can express themselves, try new things, learn more about the world works and work through their problems. Provides the material and the environment to promote this type of learning expression, self discovery and growth.

Play as therapy - why use play?

- To learn about their world (gain insight).

- Understand how things work.

- Express themselves.

- Develop new physical skills.

- Develop social skills.

Positive effects of Play Therapy

reviews of research have indicated positive effects of play therapy for children with a range of presenting issues including behavioral disorders, physical and learning disabilities, speech and language problems as well as children experiencing anxiety, abuse, domestic violence, depression, grief loss and PTSD have demonstrated benefits from play therapy.

Children will be able to express, explore and resolve troubling thoughts, feelings, experiences and worries in developmentally appropriate ways.

Workshop details:

Date: 2nd of November 2019.

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Where: The Child Foundation Center

Fee: 15 BHD. (Advance payment)

Includes: Refreshments, Jumping Clay which is a mess-free and full of fun clay activities where all the kids will & take their very own creative.


For registration please contact us or watsapp us on: +973 39019001 or email us your details on apts@childfoundationcenter.com.